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IC Sentinel® is a real-time environmental quality monitoring solution, comprised of facility-wide, multi-sensor modules and cloud-based data collection and reporting software. IC Sentinel® is designed to assist infection control professionals, facilities managers, and construction managers in hospitals and facilities, and also environmental personnel in labs, pharmacies, and data centers.  These personnel can now monitor, collect, report, and address critical air quality and environmental factors such as particle count, differential room pressure, air quality, humidity, sound, and light levels.
In hospitals, the IC Sentinel® Indoor Air Quality monitoring (IAQ) system can be used to verify efficacy of mechanical air ventilation systems designed to minimize occurrences of airborne infectious disease. IC Sentinel® can be used to measure nominal or baseline IAQ parameters such as particle count, differential pressure, CO2, humidity, etc. The system can then be configured with standards based threshold values, which, in the event the threshold values are exceeded, will notify responsible personnel. The IC Sentinel® can detect changes in airborne particle count due to mold and fungus disruption, degraded air filtration, or activities (such as construction or renovation) from which patients are not adequately protected.


  • Distributed, networked, multi-sensor modules, powered by PoE. Cloud-based data collection and reporting software
  • Monitor and set alerts for undesirable environmental conditions in hospitals, operating rooms, protective environments, airborne isolation rooms, pharmacies, data centers, and construction areas
  • Collect long term metrics to detect changes in environmental quality over time
  • Remotely monitor sites any where in the world, from anywhere in the world


  • Airborne Particulates: 4 Channel Particle Counter (0.5um, 1 um, 5um, 10um)
  • Differential Air Pressure: Bi-directional, positive, and negative differential room pressure
  • Temperature: C,F +/- 5% 
  • Humidity : % Relative Humidity +/- 10%
  • Air Quality: CO2 Gas Detection in ppm
  • Light level: Human eye response to visible light in Lux
  • Sound level: measure sound level 30- 100 dB SPL
  • Size: 7.0” X 6.85” x 4 .125”
  • Weight : 3.25 lbs
  • Power: IEEE802.3af PoE
  • Interface: RJ-45 Connector IEEE 802.3
  • Security: AES Network security
  • Operating temp: 0 to +50 C
  • Storage Temp: -20 to +80 C


  • (1) Sensor per carton
  • (1) Wall mounting bracket
  • Users Manual

Ordering Information

  • P/N 1984        IC Sentinel Sensor (hardware)
  • P/N 2377        IC Sentinel Annual Service Contract w/ Cloud Software subscription (Required)